Hannah and the tree

Well, as today is Friday and it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous summer day here in the California Central Coast. To celebrate the weekend and the fun things you can do with your kids on the weekend I thought it would be fun to write just a quick and short post just enough to make you laugh.

Dads in general enjoy funny histories that involve body functions, so I asked my good friend Chris Hiatt if I could re-post a dialogue between his daughter Hannah (I believe she’s three) and his wife Jen.


The other day Hannah was eating an apple and had some interesting things to say…

Hannah: “Mom… an apple tree is going to grow in my stomach.”

Mom: “Why, Did you eat an apple seed?”

Hannah: “No”

… a few moments later…

Hannah:  “Mom… a booger tree is going to grow in my stomach”

Mom: (holding back the laughter) “Why, did you eat a booger?”

Hannah: “Yes, the other day at Miss Cindy’s house”

Mom: “Hannah… don’t eat your boogers”

Reading this story at the Hiatt-Party of 4 blog cracked me up. I think if it happened to me I would have confirmed that she was going to have a booger tree in her stomach and more booger fruits would come out through her nose. I wouldn’t be totally lying and it would be funny to see the kid’s reaction.

Great story Jen. Thank you Chris for letting me use it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

And to all the Super Dads out there: Go do something fun with your kids this weekend!




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