Give your kid the gift of music

About 500 thousand people already watched the cute video of 24-year old Jorge Narvaez and his 6-year old daughter Alexa singing “home” by Edward Sharpe. The video is 6 months old so it’s not an internet novelty anymore. However it’s always admirable when a dad enjoys sharing his music with his kids. Music can create bonds and memories. You don’t need to be a great singer or play any instrument. You can just put a CD on and sing along, pick a song and sing and dance with your child. Have fun.

Another great way to develop your child’s interest in music is having them play an instrument. No, I’m not talking about giving a 2-year old a guitar or a drum set and make them practice until they become a rock star. I mean just get some pots and pans and have them bang on it. Or play some air guitar, as pretending and using your imagination is always a great experience for your child. But if you do have a real instrument, let your kid touch it, feel it. Let the make some sounds, teach them how it works and let them explore. It’s also a good opportunity to teach them how to be careful (you don’t want your child destroying your precious Les Paul).

If your child is not so much of a child anymore and has his/her own musical choices now you should try to get to know what he’s listening to these days but without any judgement (I know it’s hard sometimes). Then talk about new and old music, ask questions and give your child the chance to express his opinion too. Maybe you’ll find some tunes that you like in common.

Oh and here is the video I mention in the beginning of this post.

Keep music alive in your house. Make it fun for everyone and go with the flow.




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