Dad knows it all… well, sorta…

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted your dad to explain things like “why the sun disappears at night?”  “How can we get to the moon?” “Why do our fingers wrinkle when we’re in the bathtub?”

I was one of those kids. I wanted to know everything and when I didn’t get a satisfactory answer I would try to find it out by myself. Just like the time when I took apart the radio-alarm clock to see how the numbers showed up and in the end, when I put it back together, there were some parts left out and the thing still worked fine.

That’s the reason why a fell in love with Calvin and Hobbes. That little blond-hyperactive-smart kid created by Bill Watterson has so much in common with the kid I was that if he was tan and had curly hair he could be called Gilly.

But what brought me to this post was the fact that Calvin’s dad is also a special character. Having a child like Calvin may not be easy but it is certainly fun.

I always promised myself that when I had a child and he started asking me questions that I didn’t know the answer I would make up some really ludicrous story so he could go around making people laugh re-telling the explanation.

Well, Lucas is still a few years from that questioning age and my other son, Pedro, doesn’t live with me so I still have some time to prepare my answers. Meanwhile I’ll continue “studying” with Calvin’s dad.

Do you have any funny story/explanation to your kids questions? Come tell us in the comment section bellow or send me an e-mail at




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