It sounds like you have children!

Children are a blessing. I love mine and I’m sure you love yours too. But those who say that their lives were simpler when they didn’t have to worry about the little ones are not alone. Please, please don’t get me wrong and start sending hateful comments or e-mails. I would never feel like a complete human being if I didn’t have my children to love, to nurture, and to be loved by them.

I take pride in being a Super Dad. However, life being the way it is with it’s ups and downs is very difficult when you’re a single person or when you’re a couple; when you’re a family with one, two, three kids to care for things can go from difficult to insanely overwhelming at times.

My only advice is “hang in there”. You took the job of being a parent and you have the responsibility of giving it your best when your best is needed – which is 24/7.

I’m on my way to another job interview right now and I’d just like to make you laugh a little before the weekend here is a segment of last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart that some dads might identify themselves with. WARNING: Very funny but some language and images might not be suitable for kids, the weak of heart or those without sense of humor.


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Have a great weekend,



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