Happiness is just a smile away … #ilovethiskid

Life sometimes can bring you down. Work can be tough, or boring, or both. Recently I can’t complain much. I just got a job that brings me the best feeling of doing something that is bigger than myself (we’ll talk about that some other time). I waited until things got back on track in my life to decide to write about how life can actually feel bad sometimes because I didn’t want to give you guys the feeling that I was just a whining loser crying and complaining about things.

But yes, there are moments that you wish you could just leave everything behind and run without looking back. You look at yourself in the mirror and you can barely recognize the young, adventurous guy that you once were. You see wrinkles, gray hair, less hair, more gut but less guts.

Everything seems kind of bland, plain, insipid.

But then you see that smile. That recognizable face that you met not too long ago. That person that came to you without knowing anything and amazes you each day with something new he learned. You look at that face smiling at you. You feel loved. You feel loved by a person who has never read the word love in his life but yet he’s absolutely capable of showing and understanding and feeling it.

Happiness has just arrived.




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