Police will try to retrace #forestboy ‘s steps to find his father’s body

I was searching for interesting topics for this Monday’s blog post when I came across this crazy story about this son who lived with his father in the woods across Europe with his father.

Instead of trying to explain the story with my own words (which would not be really easy) I’ll just paste part of the article from the Daily Mail:

“German police are trying to retrace the steps of the English speaking ‘forest boy’ in an attempt to find his father’s body.

They are also investigating reports that the teenager may have criss-crossed Europe during the five years he says he spent living rough in forests with his father.

The boy, who is estimated to be 17, says his name is Ray but has little other idea who he is. He arrived in Berlin on September 5, carrying only a rucksack, tent and sleeping bag.

He claimed his father Ryan had taken him into the woods south of the German capital five years ago after his mother Doreen died in a car crash, and they had lived there ever since.

The boy said his father had died after a fall and he had buried him in a shallow grave before heading north to Berlin, as his father had instructed him to do in the case of an emergency.

Police are baffled by the case. Although officers have been unable to locate the grave or establish how the father died, they say the boy’s story so far checks out. A German police spokesman said: ‘What we can say for sure is that we have found nothing at all to disprove the story almost two weeks on.”

Wow, can you imagine it?

This is a computer generated picture of “Ray” that has been posted in websites across the globe.


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