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Five funny dad and kids videos (great to kick off the week)

Youtube is arguably the most versatile tool created for the internet in the last 10 years. Sunday afternoon is perfect for spending a few hours watching some hilarious stuff and put you in a better mood to face the grind ahead of you.

If you didn’t watch anything funny this weekend here are five very funny videos featuring dads (either on camera or videotaping the action) and their kids.

PS.: the videos were ranked solemnly based on my opinion. But they all have their level of “funniness”. If you have more funny videos with dads and their loved kids please put the link in the comments section or send me an e-mail at



Number 5: Dad skateboard FAIL but redeems himself.

Number 4: Dad gives more than just moral support for 18-year old daughter to get the tattoo of her dreams

Number 3: Baby laughs at daddy ripping off job rejection letter

Number 2: Dad videotapes David after the dentist

Number 1: How to throw the perfect temper tantrum.

BONUS VIDEO: Mini Darth Vader needs some help.


It sounds like you have children!

Children are a blessing. I love mine and I’m sure you love yours too. But those who say that their lives were simpler when they didn’t have to worry about the little ones are not alone. Please, please don’t get me wrong and start sending hateful comments or e-mails. I would never feel like a complete human being if I didn’t have my children to love, to nurture, and to be loved by them.

I take pride in being a Super Dad. However, life being the way it is with it’s ups and downs is very difficult when you’re a single person or when you’re a couple; when you’re a family with one, two, three kids to care for things can go from difficult to insanely overwhelming at times.

My only advice is “hang in there”. You took the job of being a parent and you have the responsibility of giving it your best when your best is needed – which is 24/7.

I’m on my way to another job interview right now and I’d just like to make you laugh a little before the weekend here is a segment of last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart that some dads might identify themselves with. WARNING: Very funny but some language and images might not be suitable for kids, the weak of heart or those without sense of humor.


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Have a great weekend,


Dad skateboard FAIL. Super Dad reaction WIN!

While I continue with my job hunting adventure in the saturated marked of San Luis Obispo I’ll leave you guys with another quick post.

The video bellow is from October of last year and so far it has more than 550,000 views. It shows a dad trying to teach his little daughter how to skateboard. That itself would be a reason for you to think DISASTER AHEAD! But the scenario gets even worse when you realize he’s doing it in the living room. Needless to say it didn’t work quite as he expected and he almost kills himself.

But when we thought this video would be a complete fail his Super Dad instincts kicks in and he manages to redeem himself (at least partially) by saving a piece of furniture while laying flat on the floor also preventing the heavy object to make his daughter an orphan.

I still never had a FAIL moment in front of Lucas such as the one you’re about to watch. But I know it’s going to happen one day. I believe EVERY dad has one of these moments to remember for the rest of their lives. Do you have one of those to tell already? Oh please do share!

Now without further ado here it is Dad Skateboard FAIL. Super Dad reaction WIN!


Dad knows it all… well, sorta…

Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted your dad to explain things like “why the sun disappears at night?”  “How can we get to the moon?” “Why do our fingers wrinkle when we’re in the bathtub?”

I was one of those kids. I wanted to know everything and when I didn’t get a satisfactory answer I would try to find it out by myself. Just like the time when I took apart the radio-alarm clock to see how the numbers showed up and in the end, when I put it back together, there were some parts left out and the thing still worked fine.

That’s the reason why a fell in love with Calvin and Hobbes. That little blond-hyperactive-smart kid created by Bill Watterson has so much in common with the kid I was that if he was tan and had curly hair he could be called Gilly.

But what brought me to this post was the fact that Calvin’s dad is also a special character. Having a child like Calvin may not be easy but it is certainly fun.

I always promised myself that when I had a child and he started asking me questions that I didn’t know the answer I would make up some really ludicrous story so he could go around making people laugh re-telling the explanation.

Well, Lucas is still a few years from that questioning age and my other son, Pedro, doesn’t live with me so I still have some time to prepare my answers. Meanwhile I’ll continue “studying” with Calvin’s dad.

Do you have any funny story/explanation to your kids questions? Come tell us in the comment section bellow or send me an e-mail at



Hannah and the tree

Well, as today is Friday and it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous summer day here in the California Central Coast. To celebrate the weekend and the fun things you can do with your kids on the weekend I thought it would be fun to write just a quick and short post just enough to make you laugh.

Dads in general enjoy funny histories that involve body functions, so I asked my good friend Chris Hiatt if I could re-post a dialogue between his daughter Hannah (I believe she’s three) and his wife Jen.


The other day Hannah was eating an apple and had some interesting things to say…

Hannah: “Mom… an apple tree is going to grow in my stomach.”

Mom: “Why, Did you eat an apple seed?”

Hannah: “No”

… a few moments later…

Hannah:  “Mom… a booger tree is going to grow in my stomach”

Mom: (holding back the laughter) “Why, did you eat a booger?”

Hannah: “Yes, the other day at Miss Cindy’s house”

Mom: “Hannah… don’t eat your boogers”

Reading this story at the Hiatt-Party of 4 blog cracked me up. I think if it happened to me I would have confirmed that she was going to have a booger tree in her stomach and more booger fruits would come out through her nose. I wouldn’t be totally lying and it would be funny to see the kid’s reaction.

Great story Jen. Thank you Chris for letting me use it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

And to all the Super Dads out there: Go do something fun with your kids this weekend!