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Super Dad recommends: Everything I need to know before I’m five. #greatkidsbooks

Lucas got another great gift from his grandparents this weekend: “Everything I need to know before I’m five” by Valorie Fisher. It’s a very colorful picture book with categories and words that are recommended to be part of your kid’s vocabulary when he goes to kindergarten.

If you go back to my very first post on this blog you will see that I dread those moms that meet at playgrounds and brag about their 3-year old math geniuses. Kids will eventually learn all the basics they need to be successful at school. This book is not about making your child better than the others or elevate his IQ whatsoever. It’s a fun way to check what your little one already knows and what you can help add to his or her vocabulary.

The alphabet, numbers from 1 to 20, colors, simple opposites, basic shapes and even some not so basis are shown in some vivid colors that will get your child’s attention.

But all of this means nothing if you, as a dad, don’t stimulate your child’s brain. Give him (or her) little challenges such as trying to say the numbers out of orders, or point to a color (red for example) and ask “Is this green? Is this yellow? So, what color is this?”

There’s no need to get frustrated if your kid makes mistakes. Simple correct the mistakes and make sure he/she repeats the right answer. It’s a simple routine that you can create before bed time, before story time that can not only help your child develop but also give his/her brain a little work out before going to sleep.

In the end you’ll see the results. Suddenly your child will be recognizing numbers in other books, making connections between objects and colors and as a result of that feel more and more confident and prepared for kindergarten.




Super Dad recommends: Jeremy Draws a Monster

Happy Monday everyone!

Wow, we’re almost in the end of July uh? Crazy!

Today I have to go out and apply for some jobs (unemployment sucks!) so I’m just going to post a quick book recommendation: Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty.

Lucas got this book from his Grandpa Steve for his 3rd birthday. It instantly became one of his favorites.

The watercolor illustrations are very vivid and beautiful.

Jeremy Draws a Monster tells the story of a little boy who doesn’t leave his room but loves to play with his color pens. He draws an imaginary monster who comes to life and ends up forcing Jeremy to go outside where he finally makes some real friends.

It’s a simple story without too many words but there are some really nice lessons to teach younger kids such as how to be polite and say please and thank you and how to overcome shyness and make friends. Simplicity meets depth.

The book is available on Amazon. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT and good reading.