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The 10 Best Songs About Dads (via The Rolling Stone) #songsaboutdads

I have to be very honest with you guys… I’m exhausted. It’s Tuesday night and I’m trying to get my brain to work and come up with a cool and creative idea for a blog post and nothing. AAAARRRGGGHHHH… This whole thing about going from no regular job in two years to 10 hours working with children in two different jobs all of a sudden makes me very happy and extremely tired.

The day was really rough today and I decided to go for an easy way out and guide you guys to a cool top 10 list published at the Rolling Stone site a couple of months ago. It’s a Top 10 Songs About Dads list celebrating this year’s father’s day. If you saw it already I’ll let you just stop reading now and I’ll try my best to come up with a real post for Friday, but you haven’t seen the list it’s worth checking it out.

There are some classics from Eric Clapton (who actually appears twice on the list), Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens and John Lennon among others. You should also read the comments on the article because as most top 10 ten lists, readers disagreed with the selection and added their own choices in the comments section. Check it out for yourself here: Rolling Stone Top 10 Songs About Dads.